Plus Size Women’s Teal Hatter Costume


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SPILL THE TEAAlright, alright, alright, it’s time to spill some Halloween costume tea. If you didn’t already know, we offer the widest selection of plus size Halloween costumes (you’re welcome) and the Teal Hatter costume is one of our most fashionable. A tea party is too trivial of an event for a glamorous disguise like this but hey, that’s just our opinion. It’s comfortable enough to wear while you’re lazing about the home, sipping on Oolong tea, warmed to the perfect temperature and its also equally suitable for a swanky soiree where everyone’s sipping with their pinkies up. Oooh, we need to spill the tea on something else, so stick around. Not only is this the costume perfect for a wide array of activities and events, but it’s also a total showstopper. Look out Vogue; this haute-couture costume is coming through! Look at that shine! Those ruffles! The puffy sleeves! The structured top hat that practically reaches the heavens; wow, just….wow! Is there a magazine devoted strictly to tea and/or hatters? If so, you’re destined to be on the cover! DESIGN & DETAILSThe pullover dress is an exclusive Made by Us design so the stylish silhouette is created from high-quality fabric: an eye-popping pink plaid, a silky teal, and a purple tulle. The dress features short, puffy sleeves and a peplum-style overlay at the waistline. The bow tie compliments the ensemble, fastening around necks with a handy loop fastener in the back while the hat tops off the striking costume. SIP THE TEAAre you ready to sip the tea and have the most tantalizing costume in the room? If so, be ready for an onslaught of compliments and a line of people hoping to be your friend. Be on the lookout for a blonde girl wearing a bow and a blue dress. Something tells us she could use your help!

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