Pokemon Pikachu Kids Kigurumi Costume

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An Extra Half-Hour of HalloweenThe ticking hours go by bringing us all ever-closer to the greatest holiday we have. Your tyke has been ready since right around bedtime after the last Halloween for this one. Naturally, it’s been all Pokémon on their mind. (Who can blame them?) Of course, they also have all of these tactical plans set up. Which houses are worth hitting. Which stops at the mall are time-suckers and which ones will be very effective. Just like Pokémon, they need the candy! Of course, that is nothing compared to the plan of dodging the bedtime. They need to make sure that they can spend as many waking hours on the hunt for candy (and the sorting of said treasures thereafter) as they possibly can. The moment, they hit the hay is when the battle is finally over, they’ll faint, and rise again in the morning as a fresh kiddo ready to celebrate the win. But, how to get that extra 30 minutes between costume fun and pajama time!?Product DetailsYou’ve guessed it and they’ll be delighted. It’s time to offer up the Pikachu Kigurumi, an officially licensed Pokémon costume/pajama hybrid! Kigurumis are all about being super soft, comfortable, and the perfect kind of lounging or sleepwear… but they’re also socially acceptable outdoor wear, warm for those fall months, and depict all of our favorite characters. This Pikachu fleece jumpsuit has a character hood, side pockets, and ribbed cuffs for a perfect fit. Ready in a FlashNot only will this Pikachu Kigurumi give your kiddo the exciting fun of extra time hunting down the treats, but it’ll make future bedtimes so much easier. For once, the tyke will want to get into their PJs and settle down for Pokémon dreams. And, really, is there a better dream than that!?

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