Prairie Pioneer Women’s Costume


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Home, Home On the PlainsThe plains might have been where the deer and the antelope roamed. And yeah, sure you might not have heard a discouraging word very often. But that doesn’t change the fact that life in the prairie was crazy challenging. The land was ripe for planting once you plowed up the sod. But then you had to hope that a mob of grasshoppers wouldn’t fly through eating everything in their path including the clothes hanging from the clothesline, the clothesline, and very curtains on your windows. And if it wasn’t a year when locusts were popular you could worry about crazy fast wildfires, drought, and well water contamination. You probably know the drill if you’ve ever played Oregon Trail. But even though life on the plains was so hard, people still did it! And they managed to stay looking perfectly sweet while doing so!Product Details & DesignThis Made-By-Us costume has little details that’ll make you stand out from all the other pioneers. Our designers researched historical costumes and took aspects such as the curved collar and the crisp ruffle down the front. The subtly puffed sleeves, the ruffled apron, and softly flowered skirt all come together to make you feel right at home on the prairie. With high-quality seams and a zipper up the back, this is a look that you’ll be able to wear again and again! Want to include the whole family? We have pioneer costumes for every age range and size. Don’t Be a Prairie ChickenIf you love the great plains, don’t hold back! Show your love right on your sleeve. Lucky for you, you can wear this outfit without having to live in a sod house. Since it’s perfect for school projects, town festivals, and plays you’ll be happy to have this look in your costume collection. Now, if only you could get ahold of a pet buffalo to finish your look. . .

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