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A tiger’s stripes are unique like a fingerprint and they go deep. No really, if you shaved a tiger (What! Why would you do that?) you’d see that they had stripes on their skin. They are fancy beasts, sashaying through the tangled forest with surprising grace for a three-hundred-pound creature. They move silently, leaving few options for their prey when they spring out of the bushes. They usually snack on deer or pigs but they aren’t above trickery. After all, a group of tigers is called an ambush! Your little one will enjoy their new sneaky persona if they’re going as a tiger this Halloween. It’s not easy to become a tiger so there are a few things your kiddo will have to practice if they’re going to make it in the jungle. First off, they’ll have to practice the tiger walk. Set up an obstacle course with various noisy materials: crumpled paper, Domino tiles, bags of marbles. Stand in the middle of the room and have your child sneak up to you. If they can make it to your side without you hearing them approach then they’re ready! Also, tigers mark their territory so you might want to set them up with a scratching post. You might be wondering why we are recommending so much prep. Well, this tiger costume is quite detailed so it’s possible that your child will be entirely in character once they have zipped up the jumpsuit. This Halloween, your child is sure to be cozy in this soft suit. It comes with attached shoe covers so those sneakers won’t mess with the wild look. Your child will also have a fun, striped tail and a hood with a fluffy white mane and ears. Finish off the look with a tiger nose or cool tiger makeup. Oh, and don’t worry about the paws, we have them covered with large tiger mitts. Once your kiddo zips into this tiger suit, don’t be surprised if the stripes go deep!

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