Prestige Ninjago Jay Boys Costume


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The world is a big and scary place. It’s full of bad guy warriors, trouble around every corner, and construction bricks that just don’t seem to go where they are supposed to go according to the instructions!But fear not, that’s why the Ninjago crew is here. If your child would like to help out his community, becoming a Lego brick ninja is sure to be a worthy and honorable contribution. As Jay, the Blue Ninja of Lightning, he can wield his swords, protect the Green Ninja, and help all of his Ninjago friends complete their Lego construction sets!This detailed Ninjago costume has all the costume elements that you would expect from a Lego minifigure, right down to the signature mittens. A mesh eye cover is built into the mask and it depicts the menacing stare of a true ninja brick battle champion. Coordinate this costume with the other Ninjago characters to let your child form the ultimate team, or just let your little one wear this prestige Lego costume to stand out of the crowd. One thing is for sure-they’ll be ready to take part in the adventure of a lifetime!

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