Pterodactyl Costume for a Child


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We Lava the Mesozoic Era!The dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era are epic! Maybe it’s because this era includes all the classic periods we all know and love. There’s the Jurassic Period with the graceful long-necked Brachiosaurus and the gorgeous Stegosaurus with a spiny back. The end period of Mesozoic madness also included the unforgettable T-Rex.In this era of dinosaur hits, how is a reptile supposed to stand out among its peers? Dinosaurs have donned spikes in unexpected places, they’ve had necks that are as high as a split-level house, they’ve grown giants muscles and ridiculously long teeth. The best way to rise to the top? How about wings? We can’t imagine a Mesozoic Era landscape without a T-Rex in the front, some palms, a volcano erupting in the background, and a pterodactyl soaring above it all safe from all the dino drama!Product Details & DesignYour child will be master of all dinos when you order this Made-By-Us pterodactyl costume. Our designers put together this look that’s super simple to zip on but detailed enough to make a show-stopping impression. The pattern on the fabric was created by our graphic designers. The body is attached to a long, curving tail, clawed paws that strap over your child’s hands, wide wings, clawed feet, and a plush conical hat with strange lizard eyes and felt teeth. With the right combination of teeth, claws, and wings your child will make an unforgettable dinosaur at the next costumed event!Live and Let LizardReptiles are pretty standard these days. But when you’re in the age of the dinosaur, anything goes. Feathers, spikes, and a twenty-foot long tail? Go ahead! Whether you’re having a dinosaur party or you’re heading out to trick-or-treat in prehistoric style, you’re sure to enjoy this gorgeous yet strange ensemble. About time we brought the Mesozoic Era back in style!

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