Purple Rhinestone Mask for Mardi Gras


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Party PrepDid you know that many people who live in New Orleans have entire closets devoted to their costume collection? Like many city dwellers in the United States, it’s not as if they have an excess of closet space, they just have their priorities straight as they live in the costume capital of the country. Ask any resident who delights in the many parades and costume parties of the year and they’ll agree that building a collection of costumes is important. This means having delightful little pieces such as wigs and the Mardi Gras mask that can be paired with an elegant ensemble, just in case you get invited to an impromptu night out!Product DetailsThis mask is a classic for Mardi Gras or Carnival events. The shiny black material is complimented with a sparkly purple scrolling design and fabric along the edge. Feathers deck out one side for a classy celebratory flair. While black ribbons dangle from the sides, there’s no need to depend on those to keep your mask on, a hook and loop strip attached to elastic band secures around the back of your head. With sparkle and shine, this mask can become a favorite staple of your costume wardrobe!

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