Rainbow Brite Women’s Wig


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A Dose of 80s CheerSometimes the days seem a little dull, drained of color, a bit too grayscale for any of our tastes. Now, you might not have seen young Wisp running around the world with her magical rainbow belt and her team of Color Kids doing their best to bring some inspiration to the world. But, they are out there. They’re just kinda stuck in the 1980s. Now, that shouldn’t surprise us. If there is any place where wild color and awesome antics might be hiding, what other decade could they possibly be!? (The 70s? Oh… well… that might be going a little too far. C’mon, now!) Fortunately, bringing the magic back to our own time is pretty easy. We just need a splash of color to get us started… Design & DetailsWe’ve got just the thing to top off your day and complete a bright ensemble: this Rainbow Brite wig. This is an officially licensed wig that was designed in our in-house studios to replicate the curly ponytail that our favorite color-clad hero sported in the hit 80s cartoon, Rainbow Brite. The wig is styled to frame your face with blonde locks and have a bouncy pony tied together with a beautiful purple bow and red star. A Splash of ColorMake sure that you’re topping your look off with a bright crown of color. There’s no better way to make that happen than with the iconic look of Rainbow Brite with this chipper, blonde wig.

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