Rainbow Butterfly Kids Cape Accessory


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Wondrous WingsThere’s nothing quite as graceful and exquisite as a butterfly. Consider those paper-thin wings and vibrant colors. Contemplate their lovely patterns and the various shapes of their wings. And let’s not forget their ugly-duckling evolution from pupae to free-flying beauty. Butterflies flutter across a yard moving delicately from flower to flower, with the tiniest little sweeps of their wings and the poise of a ballerina. If you have a kid that has a light sense of touch, a love of flowers, and loves colors, well then maybe you already have a butterfly-lover on your hands and you simply didn’t know it yet. There’s one sure way to find out. Get your kid one of these Rainbow Butterfly Cape Accessories of course. This set of polyester wings has a pattern similar to a Monarch butterfly but in a whole rainbow of colors. There are elastic straps to easily attach the wings to the shoulder and another set of elastic straps to wear on the wrist or the hand. Now, if you put these on your little one, we’re positive they’ll show their butterfly-loving side immediately. It’s simply too easy to love butterflies when you yourself can flit about a room in search of a tasty treat.

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