Rainbow Skeleton Girl Costume


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No Bones About ItMake no mistake—not all skeletons prefer black. There is a big misconception out there that all creatures of the night—vampires, witches, werewolves, and yes, skeletons—are lifeless ghouls who basically wait around to make an appearance every October 31st. When in fact, we have it on good authority that most members of the underworld have thriving social lives, vibrant personalities, even philanthropic passions! Take this Rainbow Skeleton Girl’s Costume, for instance. See how fun it is? In it, your child can be both a skeleton and her bubbly, upbeat self as she heads to a concert, or fright night at an amusement park, or a rockin’ school dance. This isn’t the look of a skeleton who’s planning to stay at home watching TV, that’s for sure! She’s ready to prove what the in-crowd already knows: you can be all bones and still look alive!Product DetailsWhen you really think about it, do you know that your bones aren’t neon? Sure, they look black and white on an X-ray, but the X-ray image is set that way. Deep down, you could have a hot pink humerus, a lime-green tibia, or a fuscia femur! Whether or not that’s true, your gal will have the benefit of bright bones for the night in this cool dress, which features a printed bodice with puffed, short sleeves and a rainbow tulle skirt. Leggings with a coordinating bone pattern match a set of fingerless gloves. Paint her face in white and black—or throw on a brightyellowr or purple lip!—and she’s ready for a disco…in the afterlife, that is!Neon-PointThis look is cool, pulled together, and true to the real lives of skeletons everywhere. Thank her for breaking the conventions of the (yawn!) black and white jumpsuit. Her future looks bright in this bold costume!

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