Raphael Basic TMNT Mask


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One Tough TurtleIt’s not really a competition. Raph takes the cake when it comes to toughest turtle. He even calls his unique style of martial arts “Smash-jutsu” because he literally obliterates his enemies into smithereens! It’s no wonder that he’s the one leading the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this time around in Nickelodeon’s Rise of the TMNT!If your child is one tough cookie, then maybe they have what it takes to be the one and only Raphael! All they need is a little bit of attitude and this TMNT Raphael Basic Mask!Product DetailsThis Raph mask is officially licensed from the show and is made out of molded plastic. It’s shaped like his face and comes with cool features like his single snaggletooth and his red eyemask around the top. The interior of the mask has plenty of vinyl padding to provide a comfortable fit. The back also has an elastic strap with a fastener in back to make sure the mask stays secured on your child’s face as they perform some deadly ninja moves!Time to Smash and BashWhat happens when you combine brute force with ninja moves? You get one awesome turtle who can take on any bad guy! Your child will be ready to face off against the entire Foot Clan when they wear this Raph mask!

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