Red Child Tutu

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Tutu LifeFace it. Tutu life is pretty dang sweet! Doing a big-time dance performance? Wear a tutu for it! Singing all of your favorite songs at choir practice? Make sure you’re wearing a tutu! Stressed out at the end of a long day? We’re sure putting on a tutu when you get home will make you feel better!And, of course, our favorite. Got a red costume? It’s gonna be better with a red tutu!Your child might not have learned that lesson—yet—but they’re about to. Because you’re about to hook them up with this sweet Red Tutu! Sized just right for kids, this tutu features elegant polyester tulle and a wide elastic waistband for fit. It even has a touch of glitter to add ambiance to their costume! Best part of all, it works with a variety of costume themes, all of which we have available in our kid’s costume selection. Whether they’d like to be a devil, a princess in red, or even a member of the Star Wars Imperial Guard, we’re sure their costume is going to be just that much cooler with this tutu. And, of course, it works great with tights and leotards for dance performances, too!

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