Red Crimped Women’s Clown Wig


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Influencer StatusClowns have gotten a bad rep lately. We understand why. They’re a sure way to make us jump out of our skin when they appear in horror movies… or on the street now that we think about it. But let’s not forget all that clowns have done. They’ve driven tiny cars, teaching us that when it comes to carpooling, the sky is the limit. They’ve shown us the wonder of juggling and balloon animals. In fact, recently a man turned to clowns for help. After a manager set a meeting for termination at work, he hired a local clown for his support person. While a lawyer might have made boring demands, the clown spent the whole meeting making balloon animals and mime crying when the bosses handed the man his pink slip. See, if that’s not a public service, we don’t know what is!Costume DetailsThis long, layered clown wig is a fun, modern take on the classic clown hair. Bright red crimped hair is sure to stand out whether you’re marching in a parade or kicking back at a crowded party. With layers of locks that part down the middle, this costume works both for a wild take on any red-headed character as well as your brand-new clown persona!

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