Red Dragon Half Mask


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Blushing BeastWhy is this dragon a little red in the face? Well, when they were trying to frighten some marauders out of their gold-filled cave, they hiccupped. They were readying their lungs to expel a column of fire at the pests, but an overindulgent dinner of mutton had its way instead.We’ve all been in a situation where a great dinner rendered us less than intimidating. So, it’s up to us to reassure this blushing beast that they still have a fearsome countenance and they will recover from this blunder. Since dragons have pretty big egos, the best way to show our embarrassed friend they’re still the coolest is to pretend to be them!Product DetailsShow everyone that red is best with this Red Dragon Mask! Even if their face is red with embarrassment, the fiery color creates a strong impression. With soft-sculpted horns, scales, and teeth make this foam you’ll be ready to remind our hiccupping pal how intimidating they are. You’ll be ready to take to the skies or protect your own golden hoard with the elastic band keeping the mask secured around your head and the eye-holes leaving your vision clear.Red-y ReminderIt may have been funny when our red-faced dragon couldn’t blow flames, but we wouldn’t want that to be their legacy. So, help us remind them that they are still a giant sky-terror by taking on their appearance with this Red Dragon Mask; soon they’ll be ready to do the reminding on their own!

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