Red Phoenix Costume For Women


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The Dark PhoenixRed means one thing. Jean Grey has gone rogue. When she’s sporting the green Phoenix outfit, you’re golden. Everyone is happy. That means that she’s still the beacon of hope on the X-Men team. Red generally means that she’s turned to the dark side and transformed into the Dark Phoenix… you know, the gal who has the power to destroy the entire Earth and isn’t afraid of using that power. She’s dangerous… but you have to admit one thing! She looks smoldering in that red outfit!Yes, a Jean dressed in red might have the other X-Men afraid for their lives, but you can bet all of them are giving her some well-deserved compliments on her new outfit! That’s exactly the kind of experience you’ll have while wearing this women’s red Phoenix costume. Fear, followed by adoration!Product DetailsThis officially licensed costume successfully recreates the look of Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix look from the comic books. It comes with a shimmering red jumpsuit that stretches to fit. The legs a metallic gold color, as are the attached gloves. The front has a golden Phoenix emblem on the chest, making sure that your team knows of your mastery over the Phoenix Force! To finish the whole look off, the attached waist sash is the same metallic gold color as the legs and gloves and dangles loosely at your hips.Choose Your Path!Once you change into this Dark Phoenix costume, you’ll be ready to choose your path! Will you fully indulge the darker tendencies of the Phoenix Force, or will you resist them to help your team save the world. It’s completely up to you! We do recommend adding a red wig to your look to fully embrace the style of Jean Grey during the iconic X-Men saga!

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