Red Viking Wig and Beard Set for Men


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If a man was a Viking, he was tough by definition. Violence was normal, he was most comfortable when forming a shield wall with his tribe. For Vikings, the world was a brutal place. The icy winds of the sea would have been whistling in the ears of the Norsemen since they were babes in the arms of their equally tough mothers. They were handling battle axes as soon as they could tottle around. With that harsh environment, it’s no wonder they grew all the hair they could to protect them from the multitude of unforgiving elements, from the cold weather of the Norwegian seaside to the flying debris of the battlefield. You can’t transform yourself into a Viking warrior if you ignore the epic long hair and beards of these northerners. The red locks of this wig are typical of people with Norse heritage. All you need now is one of those horned helmets and you’re ready for battle. Now, shout it out with your fellow Norsemen, “Shield Wall!”

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