Regina George Mean Girls Halloween Costume


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QUEEN OF THE PLASTICSThe world of high school might be a place of cliques and isolation, just like Cady observed in her efforts to understand this brand new safari, but the queen of the new kingdom isn’t a lion. It’s the dolled up Regina George and nobody would dare oppose her! Sure, there might be a few lessons to be learned when you’re the top villain in a movie called Mean Girls and she definitely comes around in the end, but there’s still plenty to celebrate about being a sassy Plastic queen!Naturally, when you’re going to throw a party, you want to be the highlight of the crowd. And, with all that African safari talk, you know that you’ve got to show everyone that the lion isn’t anything. Time, instead, to show the might of the bunny. Thought it was just a cute critter to be ignored? Not when this bunny is in the hands of the queen bee! The right moves and high energy is going to make this bunny ready to bound!DESIGN & DETAILSOur team of designers have braved the savage lands of the high school lunchroom to put together this exclusive look just for your soiree. Inspired from the bunny costume look she wore in the film, this officially licensed Regina George Bunny Costume from Mean Girls is a halter top bodysuit with a sharp V-hem and attached black panties. A white bunny tail attached at the rear and fluffy wrist and boot cuffs give you soft bunny accents while the fur-covered headband and rabbit ears complete the look. Now you just need to find your mouse and cat compatriates. THE TOP BUNNYShow everyone the new order when you reveal who is truly at the top of the food chain. Surprise! It’s the Bunny Queen Regina ruling over the Plastics of Mean Girls. Secure your spot as the gal in charge with your Regina George costume.

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