Relistic Skele-bones Costume for Boys


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Skeletons are scary. We’re not entirely sure why those bones are so frightening. Everyone has them, they help keep you standing up upright, and you totally need them to protect your vital organs, like your heart, brain and lungs. So, if everyone needs to have a skeleton, then why are they just so darn scary?We pondered over the issue for countless sleepless nights. We blame the countless horror movies that show up where skeletons are animated and roaming free on the Earth. Then, there’s the countless other horror movies where they symbolize death and human mortality. Of course, that means it’s the perfect look for any kid who’s trying to get the most frightening costume for his next trick or treating run.This kid’s realistic Skele-Bones costume gives your child the look of the human skeletal system. It comes with a full-body jumpsuit that has molded bone pieces attached to the front. The bone pieces all look well aged, like they were just dug up from the grave. The child’s costume also comes with a full-head hood/mask. Once your kid has it all on, he’ll look like he just rose from the dead to terrorize the living.Now that your young one has become an undead skeleton, reanimated from the dead, you might want to join him. We’d just like to remind you that we have plenty of skeleton costumes for adults, so you can be a couple of bare bones skellies together!

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