Renaissance Tavern Man Costume for Men


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WHERE E’ERBODY KNOWS YE NAMEMaking your way back yesterday… took everything you had. Taking a break from the whole Black Plague? Sure would stop the bad! Wouldn’t you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go… well, you know exactly where you’d like to go when times get that rough. But, you don’t just want to be a lonely sod, sitting at the end of the tavern bar and drinking away the miseries of medieval living. You want to be the one giving folks the chance for a better night!Of course, owning a tavern in the early days has a number of its own conflicts. You have to dodge the fury of jealous nobles. There is always the threat of the occasional dragon… and everyone knows that fire and alcohol aren’t the best of buddies even in controlled scenarios. You have to have a solid sense of adventure to face the threats that might come at you and you need a profound amount of charisma to keep your patrons coming every night!DESIGN & DETAILSMake sure that everyone knows exactly who you are by being the most popular person in the village! Our own faire-loving designers have spent more than one night in the tavern and used that experience to create this exclusive Renaissance Tavern Costume. You’ll be loving the Renaissance Faire every year in this high-quality look which includes an old-style high collar shirt with leather cord ties at the neck and wrist and the deep plum vest with buckles down the center. The dark brown pants have an elastic waist for comfort and the extra-long brown belt can be worn over the vest in traditional style. Now you’ll just need your tavern and goblet!BE GLAD YOU CAMEThe best part of any Renaissance experience is the memories you make for yourself and for others. In this exclusive look, featuring expert craftsmanship and authentic design, you can be sure that everyone will remember your name and you’ll just be looking forward to the next time you can be the Tavernmaster!

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