Reptar Pet Rugrats Costume


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More Dinosaur than DogHave you ever thought about what your dog has in common with Reptar? You know, Reptar, the giant lizard monster from the Nickelodeon series, Rugrats? Well, the average dog has more in common with the big green lug than you might think! For starters, both have a ravenous appetite. Of course, your doggo probably scarfs down dog food like it’s going out of style and we’re pretty sure that Reptar devours skyscraper buildings, so there’s a little difference there. Second, both your dog and Reptar are both considered heroes by babies around the world! And finally, both your dog and Reptar have some pretty crazy-smelling breath! Actually, if your pooch was a little greener, he might be mistaken for the classic cartoon monster…Product DetailsNow, with this officially licensed Rugrats Reptar Pet Costume, your doggy can become the critter from the Nicktoon! It comes with a green costume that fits on your dog’s back and secures into place with a strap under the tummy. It also has a Reptar headpiece that is sculpted to look just like the dinosaur’s head. Once your pooch is all dress up in it, he’ll be ready to get in touch with his inner city-destroying monster!

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