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Bullies are never cool. The Sheriff of Nottingham bullied the poor and vulnerable by taking their lunch money, he constantly pestered Maid Marian like an immature oaf, and he was just flat-out mean to all those who never deserved it! Oh, sorry for the spiel, but tensions run high here when that slimeball is mentioned.Only one anthropomorphic fox could possibly save the day. That’s right: Robin Hood, the Prince of Thieves! Depending on your household income, robbing the rich and dispersing it to the poor might not be the lesson you would like Disney flicks to teach your kiddos, but you made it this far, right? And besides, even with all that, he still kicks some Nottingham butt in the name of those less fortunate than us. We can all rally around that, can’t we?If we can, we have something for your little dude to slip into and save the day. Specifically, he can teach the Sheriff a lesson with this Child’s Robin Hood Costume! It’s 100% polyester fabric and includes a short-sleeved pullover shirt, an appliqued belt and sash, cropped pants, and a hat with that signature felt feather in the brim. More importantly, it the jagged hemlines give it that distinct classic Renaissance tale look that will have him ready to defend the poor with his sword and hit his mark with his bow and arrow.

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