Roleplay SoundFX Mask Godzilla


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Monster AspirationsSome kids dream about being famous streamers and rock stars. Other kids? Well, they dream about being a 20 story tall lizard-monster that can shoot atomic beams out of its mouth! Sure, it’s pretty crazy and kind of impractical, but you have to respect any kid who has the guts to dream THAT big. We do and that’s precisely why we offer this Godzilla Roleplay Sound FX Mask! It’s the perfect mask to help any kid realize their dream of becoming the iconic Japanese monster!Product DetailsIf your child wants to become Godzilla, all they need is this handy mask! It’s officially licensed and is made out of molded plastic. The mask has real mouth-moving action, so when your child moves their jaw, the mouth on the mask moves as well. Open it slightly and the mask makes growling noises. Open it all the way and the mask has lights and sounds based on the Godzilla movies. The mask comes with an adjustable head strap to help provide comfortable fitting. It does require 3 AAA batteries to operate, so make sure to have some handy!Monster OpportunitiesIf your child dreams of being a giant lizard-monster, then this Godzilla mask will give your little one the perfect opportunity!

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