Roman Soldier Boys Costume


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The path to becoming a centurion is long and arduous. Your little one will have to hone his skills with a sword, battle against insurmountable odds and eat all of his vegetables if he wants to secure his place in the Roman legion. It takes strength, determination and a good diet, but perhaps, the best place to start is with a change of wardrobe!This Roman soldier costume is an outfit that gives your child the look of a seasoned veteran of the battlefield. The tunic has a faux leather style with gold embellishments to create the look of a high ranking soldier in the ancient world. A set of matching bracers and shin guards add a nice touch to the look, while the red cape adds an elegant and regal style to the whole look. All of the pieces combine for a look that’s inspired by real Roman soldiers from the armies of ancient Rome. You child will be ready for some combat training in no time.Of course, if you truly want to prepare your child for life as a centurion, then you’d better pick up a sword and shield combo from our accessories section so you can teach your young one how to clash swords with his enemies. It’s also not a bad idea to remind him that you’re still the one in charge by wearing one of our Julius Caesar costumes for adults. Then you can head on ancient world adventures together.

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