Roving Buccaneer Costume for Plus Size Women


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That Pirate BizYawr. Pirate Biz. You know what we’re talking about. Pillaging, plundering, and raiding the high seas. It might seem like dangerous employment, and, well, it is. But, it’s also your opportunity to secure some cold, hard cash. You know…gold doubloons!Sign us up! We’re all about that hustle, and if you feel the same way, well, then, we just gotta get you into this Women’s Plus Size Roving Buccaneer Costume. In this stunning costume style, you could either be a brand new pirate recruit, or a seasoned scallywag. And either way, you’re gonna be ready to get your plunder on!Design & DetailsThis costume is a brand new style created right here in our own costume studios. And we’ll go ahead and say it, our designers just love pirate costumes! So, they went a little above and beyond with this costume, which is why it’s a serious upgrade from your typical costume selection.It comes with a dress, scarf, belt, and sash. The dress is styled to look like a blouse top and a red velvet skirt, but it’s one piece for simplicity’s sake. A wide belt fits around the waist, as does a skull printed sash. And it comes with a headscarf to round out the look. We do have it pictured with some extra accessories, and we’ll encourage you to pick up a few of them to enhance the style. Yawr!Costumes from A to ZPirating might not seem like the noblest occupation, but if it’s the life for you, we say go for it! Of course, we have plenty of other costume styles, too, so if something a little safer seems more up your alley, that’s perfectly a-okay, too. Whatever your inclination this Halloween, make your best choice, and be sure to have a whole lotta fun!

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