Royal Knight Costume for Men


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A KNIGHT OF WHICH REALM?Just because a martial fighter wears a set of armor doesn’t mean that anyone knows anything for sure about them. Without a set of pretty clear heraldry, they could be anybody. And, especially if they pull the helm over their head? Well, then you’ve got practically zero chance. How else do you think that the lady warriors, lowborn fighters, and royal heirs alike prove themselves in jousts only to reveal their face amidst the gasps of the crowd!?Knights come in all types from the armored assassin, chivalric rider, dragon hunter, or royally anointed ser. But which will you be? Are you part of an order of proud paladins who face down darkness at every turn? Maybe one of those round table knights of Camelot legend! Perhaps you’ll be a lone ronin with a tragic and complicated backstory that so few of the monsters you face are willing to wait and listen to… (Or are you just hunting for a shrubbery?)DESIGN & DETAILSNo matter which tale you hold in your heart, you must gird your form with proud armor! Our own smiths suffered apprenticeships with Wayland the Weird, himself, just to ensure that this high-quality and shiny armor would meet your mettle with this Royal Knight Costume. Begin with a tunic of silver mesh worn under a complete set of shiny foam-backed plates that cover your torso, hips, and collar. The matching leg covers fit with elastic while the gloves and helmet finish your knightly armor. Complete the look with your foam pauldrons and the attached red cape and you might not even need your sword and horse! (Who are we kidding? You’ll want a sword. The horse might be more difficult to get into the adventuring party.)WHAT’S YOUR KNIGHTLY NAME?Once you’ve got your flawless knight style and backstory figured out, you will need your name! What title (and how many of them you have) is almost as important as which vicious beasts you’ve beaten. We recommend something like Ser Belvedere of the Grand Lochs, Champion of the Crusade, Beater of Beasts, and Taker of Names.

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