Rugrats Chuckie Costume for Adults


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Every group of friends needs to have a Chuckie Finster. He might be a bit of a scaredy cat, but that’s only because he’s the only toddler with a rational mind. If everyone in the group just listened to Tommy all the time, they’d never stop heading into dangerous situations without thinking about the consequences! Then the entire Rugrats crew would just be in trouble all the time. If you’re the type of person who knows when to cool it with the crazy plans, then maybe it’s your turn to be Chuckie from the classic Nicktoon.Now, transforming into your favorite Nickelodeon character is a cinch! This Chuckie costume brings you the toddler’s favorite shirt in an adult size. The shirt is light blue and has a printed planet on the front. It also has the red accents around the sleeves and neck. The Chuckie mask has his wild red hair and purple glasses designed right into it. Just grab the pair of green shorts and you’ll look just like the lovable worrywart from the cartoon series.There’s plenty you can do while wearing this outfit. We’ve even compiled a list of ideas that will have you taking a stroll down memory lane. Here’s some of our favorite activities to do:- Hit your Boppo- Dig for nickels in the sandbox- Sneak into Reptar instead of watching Dummi Bears- Find your Zippo Glider in the basement- Save Spike from the dog “broomer”

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