Saucy Scarecrow Costume for Women


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The Last StrawWe humans have a dangerous tendency to take scarecrows for granted. They just hang there, in the middle of the field all summer while the elements rain down on them. Do they take breaks? No. Do they let their smile fade? Only if you used the wrong paint on their canvas bag head and we really can’t fault them for that. They hang out and do their job to the best of their abilities. So, after a season of hanging out, scaring away birds, and not getting any attention Suzy Scarecrow was pretty pumped when she saw a bunch of kids from the farm walking her way. They were carrying egg salad sandwiches and ice cold lemonade. Her mouth started to water. Here she was, out in the hot sun and no one had brought her anything to drink since she started. While she was just about the thank the group when they walked right by, heading to the farmer on his tractor in the middle of the field. Well, that was the last straw for sweet little Sue. She hopped off her pole, walked until she saw a sign advertising ice-cold Arnold Palmers at a quaint little dive bar and she’s been working there ever since!Product DetailsThis little number has plenty of country charm with a fitted body, off-shoulder blousy sleeves, and straw like fringe with gingham patches that just scream shabby chic. It’s perfect for a county fair harvest dance, a Halloween party, or even getting together with friends for a sassy version of the Wizard of Oz characters. Top it all off with the burlap hat and you’ll feel like a maskot for those colorful autumn days! Something to Crow AboutThis scarecrow costume goes the extra mile with detail and color, serving up Instagram worthy photos that will make you feel both chic and adorable. And if you really like your look, let us know. You’ve got super cute costume. We aren’t going to judge if you keep “raven” on about it!

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