Saw Adult Pig Mask


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Not everyone needs to be liked for their looks! Or even liked at all, really. Some people are totally content with being regarded with intense fear and loathing…and if that’s you, then boy, do we have the mask for you!Get a load of this officially licensed Saw Adult Pig Mask! The iconic prop from the horrifying movie Saw features a molded latex full-headed mask with long black synthetic hair and cord stitching at the mouth. Even if your friends or enemies have never seen the movies and don’t know that this mask looks just like the one seen in Saw, they’re still probably going to be terrified by this ultra-creepy pig face. We could go on and on about what the pig symbolized to Jigsaw and why he had the mask in the first place, but instead we’ll just leave you with this: the dude was insane, and so is this mask!

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