Scarecrow Costume for Boys


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Sometimes, scarecrows are meant to be scary, but other times, scarecrows are just meant to be scarecrows. Really, they don’t really have to be all that scary, because just standing on a stick out in the field will be enough to keep the birds away. This kind of scarecrow really isn’t that bad at all!What kind of scarecrow do you think your boy would be? Maybe he’s a little too young for all the scary stuff of Halloween. Maybe he’d be the perfect candidate for something a little cuter. Like when he’s all done up in this boy’s Scarecrow costume! With classic style, gosh darn, it is real cute…Styled as an overalls and shirt combination along with a cowl hood and hat, this ensemble will be an adorable costume look for your ‘lil scarecrow. With sizes to fit kids in child sizes 6-16, it’s sure to be the perfect style for any boy or girl. Best of all, this costume is made by us, so you can be sure that it has top notch construction!With a delightful orange plaid, burlap patches, and straw details, any little kiddo is going to look just like a handmade scarecrow. Give them a few extra details with facepaint, and they’ll have one of the cutest looks around! Yeah, let’s have them go this Halloween as the happy and sweet scarecrow who’s ready to have some fun. We’ll save the scary stuff for when they grow up!

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