Scarecrow Costume for Men


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Did you do the scarecrow dance last night? You know, the one where you stick your arms out, hold your legs stiff, and shuffle around the dance floor? Did it not work out so great because you were just wearing your everyday clothes? Yeah, that’s what we were worried about.Well, let’s learn our lesson and not ever let that happen again! Next time you feel like cutting a rug as a scarecrow, make sure your moves look amazing and great by going in this men’s scarecrow costume! With timeless homespun details featured on the top, pants, hood and hat ensemble, this classic costume is going to have you ready for your next party!Made and designed by us, this costume takes the traditional look of scarecrows from the farm, and puts it together in one easy-to-wear costume combination. The burlap sack shirt looks classy with an attached orange plaid jacket on top, and coordinating green pants come with patch, rope, and hay details for full costume effect. Just use the burlap hood and matching hat to complete the look, and you’ll be ready for the all the classic scarecrow moves!Whether you’re looking to complete a family or group costume theme, or you just want to be the super cool scarecrow who dances and parties on Halloween eve, we’re sure this exclusive costume is going to be the one for you. We think it’s even going to look great when paired with your dancing shoes. Have fun, Mr. Scarecrow you!

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