Scissors Costume for Kids


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Do you remember Kindergarten? Scissors were always the hot item, well, right after glue sticks that is. Cutting shapes out always brought that extra excitement to any kid’s project. Any kid could draw hearts on their Valentine’s day card but cutting those hearts out and pasting them on construction paper was taking the aesthetic value to a whole new level! There are a few tricks to using scissors in elementary school. First, remember that details can be added later. The faster you get to the scissors the more scissors time you’ll get which just might be the difference between smooth heart curves and ragged heart curves. Second, you’ve got to cut that paper at the crease of the blades. Even big kid scissors aren’t very sharp at the tip. Thirdly, you must refrain from running with the scissors or you just might lose your privileges. You don’t want to have a lame card making game! Want a bonus tip? Scissors are always a great way to go when you’re having a rock, paper, scissors showdown. This scissors costume is at once comfortable and eye-catching. Both the blades and handles are made of soft foam and attached to a black shirt so your child won’t have to worry about readjusting their costume all night. And their teacher probably won’t have any qualms about letting your child run with these scissors. The blades might have a metallic sheen but they’re soft and safe. This bright lightweight costume works great for a rock, paper, scissor group Halloween costume. One thing is for sure your kiddo is sure to look sharp when trick-or-treating this year!

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