Seahorse Costume for Girls


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Is your daughter fascinated by all of the earth’s natural wonders? It’s amazing enough up here on land. We live with some amazing creatures. Birds the size of a tricycle live in the same forests as a colorful bird that fits inside a tea cup. There are elephants that shape our rainforests and moles that never have to surface onto the green grass of earth’s crust. But as amazing as land creatures might be our oceans are just as diverse and much more mysterious. Wouldn’t your daughter love to go on an ocean safari in a wide windowed submarine? The wonder would start by the surface and would get more surreal as she went down. She’d see sea cows, lounging in the sun soaked waters of the shallow sea with gelatinous jelly fish dancing about them. The view would grow dim then as the submarine dove from the warming rays of the sun and she would see, illuminated by the lights of the sub, all sorts of creatures big and small. There are whales as big as five elephants, and tiny schools of fish swimming in teams to escape the predators of the deep. There, among the many fish, your little one would run into one of the most sculptural species in the animal kingdom. The tiny and intricate seahorse. These creatures live quiet lives in the deep and while fairy tales tend to take place on land, these little creatures inspire us to think of the magic that just might be happening in the depths of our seas. She can celebrate these magical creatures this Halloween with this exclusively designed costume. She’ll love her curving tail, the sculptural fins, and the bright pink material that would look right at home on the festive ocean floor. It’s easy to get into character with a dress that zips up the front. Sure, a real ocean safari probably isn’t in the vacation plan but in this costume, it’s easy to imagine going on a wild adventure with all her deep-sea friends!

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