Seahorse Costume for Toddler Girls


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Is your little girl into horses? It makes sense, every little girl likes horses. They gallop across meadows carrying fancy princesses on their backs. Who doesn’t like horses? Wait, what’s that you say? Oh! Your little girl loves seahorses! That’s a unique take on classic horse love. There’s so much to explore. These odd little sea ponies are a bit more mysterious, floating down there in the deep among the coral and phytoplankton. It’s a pretty magical life if you think about it. These tiny creatures float from the dim sun brushed depths of the sea down to the very deep ocean floor. They are like little sculptures, each one has different spinney variations. Some of them are crowned with antennae like coronas. Others sport colorful spikes all along their bodies, it makes them less appealing to hungry fish but all the more beautiful to us! All of them are unique, using their colors and shapes to blend in with the unique plant and coral life around them. With all the wild plants that scatter the ocean floor, it’s no wonder sea horses sway to the eclectic side of the animal kingdom. Your little one will love dressing up as her favorite animal in this gorgeous hooded dress. The bright pink fabric is soft and velvety with sequins along the sleeves, on the hips, and on the curling tail in back. The costume zips along the lighter pink belly, a fabric that is repeated in the fins on the arms and the crown fins on the hood. The hood is sculpted with the seahorse’s funnel-like mouth and has cute eyes with large eyelashes attached. Your little one is sure to love her new seahorse ensemble, after all, it’s as unique and unexpected as she is!

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