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A Wildly Good TimeThere are a lot of animals that know how to have a good time out there. When you watch mountain goats leap and frolic on a rocky hillside, there’s no doubt that they’re having fun. Birds must feel free and relaxed as they catch a wild current of wind that lets them soar without even trying. But when we watch seals, they always seem to be having a wonderful time. Their happy spirit shows in the way they play with boats and swimmers in the ocean waters. It’s in the way they flop over to examine anything new and curious on the beach where they’re sunning themselves. But the aspect that makes us certain, beyond a doubt that seals are happy is the expression on their faces. Come on, how can you say no to a mug like that!Design & DetailsWe have to say, our creative team had a great time designing this Made by Us seal costume. The design is rather simple, making changing into the look a breeze. The jumpsuit zips up the back. A leg goes into each fin of the costume and the fins flap over your kids’ hands, letting them use their hands when they need to but keeping the seal disguise seamless for posing pre-trick-or-treating. The headpiece is slightly sculpted with an adorable seal face on the top. It secures under the chin with a hook and loop strip to make it easy to take on and off. Now, Sea HereThis seal costume might just be the beginning of a wonderful trend. Pretty soon everyone will want to dress up as fun-loving ocean critters. To be honest, picturing a Halloween night full of Orcas, lobsters, and manatees is quite a delight. Leave it to the fun-loving seal to start a new Halloween trend!

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