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Codename: TykeTo whomever it may concern, the future of the world is in your hand. More specifically, it will soon be in the hands of your little kiddo. Normally, we contact our agents directly in the field through a variety of secret messages that are coded in all manner of unique ways. Our favorite was ‘seeding the birds,’ where we literally spelled a message out in birdseed and bread crumbs to have our feathered friends deliver the mission details. But, we can’t take the chance that your kiddo would overlook the details and we’re also firm believers that children should have parental permission and supervision before taking on any quests to save the world. So, we are asking you to let us help you help your kid help us to help everyone. Woah. That was confusing… even for a coded message! Let’s just go back to the beginning for a sec. Your kiddo is the best secret agent we’ve ever heard of and we’ve got a mission!Design & DetailsIt is time to outfit your little agent with the gear that will make them mission-ready! Click the buttons and check their measurements and our in-house team of secret designers will have this Secret Agent Kid costume ready to go in a snap. This is a Made by Us design that includes a button-up trench coat (with a bonus line for a double-breasted look) and a fabric belt that feeds through the loops. The costume has all the crucial accessories: a self-adhesive mustache, dark sunglasses, a velour fedora, and the entry codes to our high-tech facility that’s everything!The Critical Mission: T—- or T—-Once this costume has been delivered to Agent Tyke, a quick collection of all local candy is paramount. Fortunately, assets in the field will recognize Tyke by a highly classified code phrase that we dare not spell out in this document.

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