Secret Life of Pets Adult Gidget Headpiece


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Psst…Gidget has got a secret and she wants to tell you what it is… Actually, it’s no secret that Gidget has a massive crush on the Jack Russel terrier next door. The fluffy white puffball has been eyeing Max everyday, all day and she’ll tell anyone that listens that Max is her boyfriend. Actually, she does have a pretty big secret that not too many animals or people know about; Gidget is actually great at kicking butt, especially if it means rescuing Max. Now you can see what it’s like to really fall into “puppy love” by wearing this Gidget headpiece. In an instant, you’ll be transformed into the high-pitch Pom from The Secret Life of Pets, complete with a pink collar and matching bow. Just use the Velcro tab to fasten the plush headpiece around your neck and you’ll be ready to lead your furry friends on an adventure. Just be on the lookout for a small fluffy bunny named Snowball because not all white furry animals are as nice as Gidget!

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