Seven Seas Pirate Costume for Men

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Oh ho! So you intend to promote yourself from lowly scallywag to boisterous buccaneer? Well then, you need to take a few things to heart, you scurvy dog, you! First, you need to start growing a scraggly beard. Most pirates who spend their months traveling the high seas in search of treasure don’t exactly have the time to trim their facial hair. Second, you need to up your pirate speak game. Start using words like “arrrrgh,” “me hearties,” and “shiver me timbers!” Finally, you’ll definitely need to start wearing the true garb of a daring swashbuckler! Of course, we’re the experts on pirate apparel, so let us take care of that little problem.The key to any great pirate costume lies in the basics. This Seven Seas Pirate costume comes with a classic yet comfortable pirate shirt. It has short sleeves, which means your shirt will never get in the way when you’re trying to swing a cutlass at your foes. The striped pants create a look worthy of a true seafaring scoundrel. This costume even brings you some great accessories to complete your pirate style. A belt, waist sash, gloves and boot tops all help this costume create a complete look that should have you ready to cross blades with any other pirate on the seas.Oh and the last tip for being a pirate. Engage in plenty of skullduggery. We’re not entirely sure what that word means, but it sounds cool and it has to be a very pirate-ish thing to do.

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