Seven Seas Sweetie Costume for Women


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Oh, the world we live in today… technology and tweets and timelines and, in general, just way too much information. Do you ever feel like unplugging? How about seriously going off the grid? Like out on the ocean?Yeah, sailing around the world would indeed be a proper choice to just “get away from it all” but it might seem like an expensive proposition, what, with quitting your job and having to pay for ship and supplies and what not! But. What if we told you there’s a way to finance your trip too… and to not just get by on the bare minimum. But to live a very luxurious life indeed.Well, there is. All you have to do is join our pirate crew! You’ll be set to sail around the world and rule the seven seas. And you’ll plunder lots and lots of gold to pay for all the fun! All you’re going to need to do to join our elite pirate crew is to dress for the occasion. And this Seven Seas Sweetie Women’s Costume will be just the thing!This women’s costume is done in a traditional style, but we made and designed it, and we make our costumes with quality to stand the test. So it will be just right for your expedition! It includes all the pieces to assemble a cool layered look, complete with scarves to for some extra high seas high style. Get this costume to charter a new course in your life and really get away from it all… as the Seven Seas Sweetie!

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