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So what kind of perks do people get once they’re “knighted”? Is it like being a Kentucky Colonel? Do you get free parking downtown? Discounts at Walmart and Applebee’s? Or do you get to do real knight stuff, like suiting up in medieval garb, defending the realm, and swinging a giant sword around? Up to this point in history, only men (like Paul McCartney and Elton John) have been able to answer that question, but now that’s about to change. Because we have decided to bestow upon you the titles and honors of knighthood… and all the duties thereof. And while we can’t say whether you’ll get all that free parking and stuff, we can definitely predict that you’ll be experiencing some medieval heroism in this Sexy Royal Knightess Costume!You’re sure to stand out in the royal court when they see you in this awesome getup, which is inspired by the classic and iconic look of warriors from the Middle Ages… but with a twist. Never before has a noble knight looked quite so alluring. And even if one had, they definitely didn’t pull off such style as effortlessly as you will in this costume. Because while it’s elaborate and richly detailed, it’s also super-easy to wear. It’s just one piece: the dress with the hood (awesome metallic chainmail-like mesh included), making it easy for you to spring into action when your sovereign calls!Of course, the Sexy Royal Knightess Costume is also available to those who aren’t interested in joining the king’s court, because it’s perfect for costume parties, renaissance fairs, and even just looking awesome for the heck of it.

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