Sexy Varsity School Girl Costume


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If you want to get straight A’s this Halloween then this Varsity School Girl Costume is exactly what you need. Everyone will know that you’ve got school spirit and much more when you enter the party scene in this sassy outfit this year. Sure, you spend most of your days nose deep in your textbooks but it’s time to be that dreamy schoolgirl you’ve always wanted to be!High school never goes how any teen imagines it, but with this costume, you can relive those glory days as the most popular girl in class. You’ll look confident enough to act as both student-body president and head cheerleader. With this outfit, you’ll fit in with every clique, the jocks and the Goths, the band geeks and punk rockers, the class clowns and the bookworms… yeah, pretty much everyone. When people see the confidence just pouring out of you, it’s going to attract a lot of attention. So be prepared to make a bunch of new friends! Oh, and don’t worry about overheating in the crowds of new friends because this outfit is actually layered. Simply take off the shirt and vest combo when things get too hot and you’ll transform into an after-school special. Your red plaid bra matches the cute mini skirt and makes for an even more alluring costume.Complete this honor-roll look with a pair of sassy stockings and some cute high heels. Then add our notebook flask for a little extra fun at the parties this Halloween!

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