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As a young man, the brilliant William Shakespeare just couldn’t keep that feather quill pen out of his hands, scribbling down sonnets, composing grandiose plays and, of course, jotting out witty slams and jabs at his rivals that would put most modern day poets to shame. Of course, the times and the mediums have changed! These days, your kid probably taps on a keyboard more than he uses a pen and he thinks that “tablet paper” is a new model of computer, but he can still create a masterpiece! He just needs the right…inspiration, like this Child Shakespeare Costume. Crafted to look like something from the late 16th century it might have your child ready to compose the Romeo and Juliet of this century. Just be warned! Once your child starts writing, you will be expected to act in one of his plays! (So you’d better be ready to play some kid of wacky part!)This Child Shakespeare Costumes brings you a look inspired by the famous poet! With the cuffs and collar seen in many of the portraits of the famous writer, the green tunic will have your child all garbed up in the look of a witty young playwright. Of course, your child might not be ready to grow the manly facial hair of the historical figure, so he may need a little help from one of your faux mustache kits, but this costume comes with everything else that you might need to whip your child into the perfect scribe.

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