Shark Costume for Dogs and Cats


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The Genius of ScienceEvery year, scientists in our labs work to create the newest and best in exciting Halloween looks. Now, to create proper costumes, we obviously need to have solid models to base those looks upon. We can’t just imagine those things into existence, though. We need to create the real thing so we know exactly how the costume should feel and what it should look like. Sometimes that just requires heading to the grocery store to giganticize a pineapple … and sometimes it means creating an entirely new breed of creature. Now, we have to get this disclaimer out there right away. We didn’t intend to create an adorable dog/miniature shark hybrid. … Okay, that’s not entirely true. There were several of our scientists that definitely wanted to have a pet shark that knew how to bark and could run around on dry land. But we’re pretty sure that this mysterious shark-dog came because of a misread memo. We intended to get a Spiny Dogfish costume—because they’re adorable as heck—but we cannot deny that this swimming doggo (or would that be a running bitey boye) is great for office morale.Product DetailsWhile some might interpret this Shark Dog costume as a tiny shark gobbling up your precious pooch, we’re pretty sure this is one of those excellent mutually beneficial arrangements. Your pupper gets to look even more adorable, stay cuddled up and warm and, meanwhile, this soft shark gets to get a look at the world above the sea! Add Some Angel Wings?Our scientists are still hard at work to create the next hybrid creation: a flying shark doggo. So far, our Bird Dog and Angel Dog have wanted nothing to do with this little Land Shark, but you can add a pair of wings to your doggo costume if you want to beat us to the punch.

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