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NO DO-DO-DO REQUIREDUnless you’ve been living under the ocean surface—and, as far as we know, maybe even if you have—you’ve heard the song. We’re hesitant to mention it because the mere utterance seems to summon the song into existence. Let’s just say that it is that song about an “infant bitey fish” and its family. We think that’s safe… but we’re still nervous. Who would have ever thought that the scariest part of… “bitey fish” week would be the fear that Siri might hear us say the word and leap into proactivity and tell us that she’s seeking out YouTube videos to play the song and heaven forbid any of the accompanying puppet videos! That being said, there may be a single exception to this rule of total evasion. If your kid is the star of the show, you might not only be immune to the earworm quality of “the song” but may even enjoy some of the antics!DESIGN & DETAILSStart singing your little hearts out when your darling shark-lover zips up this Shark Onesie. This is a baggy fit one-piece costume that our own design team put together after they just couldn’t get sharks out of their minds! The whole thing is made of crazy comfortable microfleece and features a gray color scheme with a white belly. The inside of the giant hood is red and black with white felt teeth along the perimeter. The fins and tail have light foam on the interior to maintain their shape and the cuffs at the wrist and ankles are rib knit for a comfy fit. Your tyke will be dancing in no time! WHOOPS!Well, turns out that since “bitey fish” has the same number of syllables as “the song’s” actual title, it was enough to send our entire marketing department into an endless loop. So, we really hope that your kiddo loves the Shark Onesie because this might be the world’s only hope!

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