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The Superhero DreamIt’s every child’s dream. We definitely spent many days in elementary school daydreaming about it. You know… bumping into a powerful, mystical wizard who grants you some cosmic superpowers to use against the forces of evil!Okay, so maybe not everyone was dreaming about that exact thing, but ever since DC release the Shazam! movie, we bet that a ton of people are daydreaming about becoming Shazam! We even happen to think that your child might enjoy cosplaying as the powerful and handsome hero from the movie. Unfortunately, we’re not sure where to find a mystical wizard to grant your child some powers, but we do have this awesome Shazam! deluxe child costume.Product DetailsThis Shazam! costume is officially licensed from the movie and features everything you need (aside from superpowers) to turn your child into a superhero! The costume starts with a simple jumpsuit that has muscle padding in the chest and arms to give your child that muscled-up hero look from the film. It also features the bright yellow light lightning bolt on the center of the chest and printed texture details. Foam gauntlets are attached to the sleeves and the matching boot covers, so your child can wear any pair of shoes with this outfit. The belt is made out of foam and it fits around the waist with a fastener in the back. Finally, to finish off the look with a cape that attached at the shoulders. Once your child has it on, he’ll be ready to battle it out with the evil super villains of the world!Finding the PowersStart searching for a wizard now! If you want your child to have the full superhero experience, you’ll need to grant your child some superpowers. At least with this costume, your child will be ready for the job when they finally those powers!

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