Shazam! Toddler Costume for Kids

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A Child’s DreamEvery kid wants to be a superhero. That’s a given! You get some pretty amazing superpowers, you get to save the day from nasty villains, and you get to wear a really rad outfit. Of course, few kids actually get that opportunity. It’s not like mystical wizards are hiding behind every corner, just waiting to give every child the full powers of Shazam!Well, the good news is that even if your child never has a chance encounter with a wizard ready to grant him superpowers, he can still get the superhero experience by wearing this Shazam costume for toddlers! This officially licensed outfit helps your child feel like the legendary hero from the DC comics-inspired movie!Product DetailsThis Shazam toddler costume gives your child everything they need to look like their favorite DC superhero! This costume starts with a simple jumpsuit that has muscle padding in the chest and arms to make your child look as strong as Hercules! The exterior of the suit has textured print to help give it an authentic look. The legs end in gold-colored boot tops, which fit over most pairs of shoes. That means your toddler can wear their favorite pair of shoes with this outfit. The suit also has matching gold gauntlets attached to the wrists. The lightning bolt symbol on the chest will help your child feel as fast as Mercury! The cape and belt add the finishing touches to the outfit, helping your child feel like the most powerful superhero on the block!No Wizard’s NeededYou don’t need to scour the Earth, looking for an ancient wizard to transform your child into DC’s greatest superhero! You just need this officially licensed Shazam costume and your toddler will be ready to play the role of superhero!

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