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Cool With CrustaceansSo, you’ve chatted it out with your boy or girl, and you’ve decided that he or she is going to choose a Halloween costume from the animal kingdom. And, if we may say so, that’s a fantastic choice! Pop culture costume themes come and go every year, and Halloween staples like ghosts and goblins will always be there as an option, too. But fun fur, furry tails, and insect antennae and the like make animal costumes an imaginative theme and a guaranteed way to make costume memories.So, when perusing our huge selection of critter costumes and it comes time to think about animals of the ocean, we have a very important question. Is your child cool with crustaceans? If so, we’ve got just the thing. Set up with our Made By Us Kids’ Shrimp Costume. Another fantastic style crafted by our in-house team, we’ll get your kiddo all set up as a plump shrimp ready to trick-or-treat!Design & DetailsIt’ll be easy for your child to step into this Shrimp costume for kids and transform him or herself into a fun oceanic critter. Our creative team of designers and graphic artists put together this unique tunic with a design that replicates just what a cartoon shrimp would look like. It has a pale belly with an orange back and quilted details, and it features a large soft-sculpted eye on either side of the face opening. Best part of all—this costume is comfy and super easy to wear. It features a zip-up back and fits around the waist with the “shrimp tail” hanging down the front.Getting Shrimpy with ItSo, you’re about to get this Child Shrimp Costume sent straight to your home for your boy or girl to do their best shrimp impression We really think your kiddo is going to be getting shrimpy with it! Be sure to shop all of our Halloween essentials for all the other gear needed for Halloween night, as we’ve got everything you might need. From trick-or-treat bags to safety lights, shop with us to make sure your whole family is ready to win Halloween!

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