Silent Bob Wig and Beard Kit


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Ahh, Silent Bob. You’ve stuck back once again!We like Silent Bob because all his goals seem attainable to us. All you need is a cool beard, a backward hat, long hair, a long coat, and a blonde-haired best friend who jabbers a lot! While we can’t help you find a talkative bestie, we can help with the wig and beard.This Silent Bob wig and beard kit will supply you with the signature hair that you need, so all you’ll need to do is find a Jay of your own. Both the wig and the beard are made out of synthetic fibers to recreate the style seen in The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. The hair fits with elastic mesh netting and looks great with matching the costume. Now all you gotta do is go on a big adventure, or you know just head to the mall and hang out.

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