Silent Hill Nurse Mask


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SO MANY DIFFERENT NURSESSilent Hill is that mysterious realm where fears and anxieties shape the entire city. You never really know what you’re going to find there until you’re already stuck in the foggy place and running into monstrous versions of daily beings. That said, those Silent Hill nurses have undergone quite a transmogrification with each dreamer that brings them into being. Bandaged up? Burned and scarred? Beautiful 1950s style Femme Fatale? Well, this latest version takes the candy stripes for sure! PRODUCT DETAILSTransform into the nurse from the film, Silent Hill when you equip this corrupted Nurse Mask. This latex mask covers all your normal lovely features and replaces them with a horribly scarred creature with veins and tendon details crawling all over the face. Show everyone that a bedside manner sometimes comes second when this nurse is a true monstrosity.A HORRIFIC HOSPITALNobody likes heading to the hospital, but when you find that Silent Hill’s two options are all staffed by these horror-faced nurses, you know you’re in real trouble. Show everyone the true terror of the film with this corrupted Nurse Mask today!

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