Skeleton King Men’s Costume


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Not everyone is cut out to be a king in this life. Some are more suited to becoming king during the afterlife! While some spend their days ruling vast meadows and kingdoms full of rainbows, the King of Skeletons rules the dark and dusky world of the undead hordes! He leads his army of zombies, skeletons and liches into a fierce battle against the living. He fights without the fear of death to cloud his judgment!Now, it’s your chance to become the king of the dead with this adult Skeleton King costume. This costume looks like the end boss out of a tabletop RPG campaign, since it comes with a top that really looks like a ribcage and spine, surrounded by chainmail. It also has a pair of pauldrons with menacing skulls on each of them. Of course, no skeletal king outfit would be complete without a skeleton mask and crown, and this costume set delivers just that. Once you have the entire set on, you may just feel like commanding your entire army of the undead to conquer new realms.Oh, and did we mention that this Skeleton King costume makes for an excellent LARPing costume? If you’re the type to play villainous fiends in your local LARP group, then you’ll play the role well with this outfit. Just make sure you pair the look up with one of our many shield and sword combinations so you can crush the competition and ensure your evil reign for years to come.

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