Sly Cat Costume for Women


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SLEEK. SLY. BOUND TO CATCH THE EYE.Congrats to all the cats out there, your well-deserved five minutes of internet fame are still going strong (Shoutout to the house cats, especially you, Chester. Love you bud!) Cats are the real MVP’s when it comes to going viral overnight. It’s impossible to log into YouTube without seeing a herd of black and white kitties following a laser pointer in unison and we have to aadmit—we’re living for it.And those cat compilation videos where they nonchalantly knock over glasses of water? Priceless. Those videos never get old! As a result, famous felines have risen to the tippy-top of the pop culture totem pole. Finally, cats like Colonel Meow and Lil Bub are getting recognized for their stellar personalities, more than most D-list celebs (as they should.)If your Halloween goal involves jumping on the cat-bandwagon to get your five minutes of fame, we can help out. Wear the women’s sly cat costume to achieve a classic kitty look but take your knowledge from hours of watching cat videos to enhance the experience. Practice blinking slowly and carelessly knocking things off the counter and receive praise for being committed to your costume; maybe a few eyerolls too so practice hissing too for good measure! DESIGN & DETAILSFeaturing quality fabrics and a stylish design, the sly cat women’s costume is a Made By Us garment that can be worn over and over again. The flattering jumpsuit is all-black so it’s sleek and slenderizing on all body types. Faux fur edges the cuffs of the sleeves and pant legs as well as the deep-V collar which highlights a sparkly inset. A soft tail is attached to the back and a pink ear headband finishes out the costume.CATITIDEPair the exclusive costume with your favorite black kitten heels (no pun intended, we swear) and a cat makeup application to truly embrace your inner feline.

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